Take Me To You

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Do not take me to the make-believe paradise
Where happiness is fleeting and made up of unforgiving lies
Do not give in to insincere promises of just bliss
We will only end up in maudlin self-pity, I tell you this

Do not take me high up to the clouds
Only to be brought back down to the ground
Our fall will be inevitable as clouds turn into rain
The earth will laugh from our unsettling cries of pain

Do not take me to the stars nor the moon
There, where no trees or grass, not even flowers bloom
They only twinkle and shine in mere pretense
Luring you to their dark blanket of deafening silence

Instead, take me to the whirling wonders of your dreams
Sing to me about your cherished novels and films
Free the spirit imprisoned behind your facade and disguise
Even just a glimpse of your truth for now will suffice

Take me to the untold stories of your troubled mind
My grip will not loosen whatever fiasco I may find
Pull me down to the deepest parts of your sea of thoughts
Walk me through the frontiers of the scars from the battles you’ve fought

Take me to the complexity of the depths of your soul
Let my senses be kissed and needled by your crystals of amphibole
Uncover the contours of your anguish and sorrow
Allow me to be your solace and hold you till it be morrow

Take me to the corners of your skin where no one h...

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