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Dating is one of the things I like to do whenever I have my free time. The goal of typical dating is to know people and let them enjoy the moment they spent with you. And hopefully, you’ll get to have more dates and deeper understanding of each other. However, when sex takes part in dating, it overlaps in a platonic and romantic type of relationship which is widely known as “it’s complicated”. So, here are some tips if you are to meet with someone for sex.  


A cafe, a restaurant, mall or park where you can sit and talk casually - in which, you are both safe because there are other people and security guards around you. Do not meet and just go to a HOTEL/MOTEL right away. This will make your date uncomfortable and might not want to see you anymore.


This is to make your date feel comfortable with you. You may have lunch or dinner, watch a movie, play sports and/or just talk about things other than sex before you do it. Also, there are times that the person you’re talking with online is totally different in person. So, if you are to meet or date someone for the 1st time make sure to share a disclaimer about yourself in person. Through this, you’ll be able to know if you have ‘chemistry’ or there’s an attraction between the both of you. Of course, if there is an attraction, there’s a greater chance for better sex than just normal fucking.


No matter how familiar you are to the person you’ll be meeting (because you’re always chatting or talking online) doesn’t mean that you can act or behave as if you are ‘so close’ in person. You have to mindful about the non-verbal cues of your date. Is s/he distant? Is s/he quiet and just lets you talk and decide on the things that you’ll eat or do? Then, s/he might be feeling uncomfortable already. If you try to hold his or her hands and there is no grip on the other part, do not hold his/her hands.

If you are having a meal, instead of sitting beside each other, you sit in front of each other, that way, your date can freely move and get comfortable. Thus, you can observe in a macro perspective about his/her non-verbal cues. REMEMBER: Action speaks louder than words.

If you are watching a movie and there are a lot of people watching inside the cinema, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR DATE unless, s/he allowed you. So, you need to ASK PERMISSION before going into the cinema, ‘is it okay if I hold you while we’re watching?’; ‘Is it okay if I kiss you?’; ‘Is it okay if I play with your cock as we watch the movie.’.

Please remember that you are still meeting a stranger and that person can either give you the best sex of your lifetime or the worst. So, be gentle, respectful and mindful before initiating any sexual behaviors.

4.       BE YOURSELF.

I do not need to explain further on this. If you’re nervous, say it. If you feel that your date is being uncomfortable – you apologize and try your best to make him or her comfortable. If you are to have sex, both should feel comfortable about each other’s company. Moreover, sex is something you should enjoy because it will shows your intimate side. Imagine, if your date isn’t in his/her real self then, how the hell are you going to enjoy the experience?

5.       IF you’ve agreed to have sex prior to the meet up. DO NOT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN AT ALL.

Some people gets disappointed when their dates didn’t agree to sex and may give certain excuses just to avoid to having sex with their date. This is simply because they felt uncomfortable or awkward towards their date. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky if s/he will have sex with you for the sake of fucking but after that, s/he will not contact you or ignore your messages/ invitation to meet again. This only means that you failed on your first date.


If it is not asked, do not share it. Some girls (like me) doesn’t like guys who shares too much about themselves. Honestly, no one should brag about themselves especially, if you’re dating for the sake of sex. ‘Meet and fuck’ only means that a part of you is desperate to have someone beside you in bed. You need a pussy or dick to make you feel less lonely about your situation right now.

More importantly, girls appreciate more if there is something you can share, that is how you maintain a SAFE SEXUAL LIFE rather than brag about the things you’ve experienced with your past sexual partners.


I certainly believe that it is the responsibility of both men and women to be prepared before having sex....

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