The Sicilian Corkscrew

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The Sicilian CorkscrewHere's a great hand technique that will drive your woman wild.

Here's What You Need:

Just the two of you.

Here's How You Do It:

Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and her legs open wide.

Sit "Indian-style" between your woman's legs.

Cross the index and middle fingers of one of your hands (you know, the traditional "keep your fingers crossed" gesture).

Slowly insert your crossed fingers into your woman's vagina. As you do this, rotate your forearm back and forth.
Insert your fingers deep enough so that your thumb is now brushing her clitoris from side to side as your forearm rotates.

Continue until you pop your woman's cork.

* One of the Top 100 Lovemaking Techniques of All Time...

PHL "not yet ready" to legalize same-sex marriage

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PHL "not yet ready" to legalize same-sex marriageLeaders of the House of Representatives on Sunday rejected the possibility of passing a measure to legalize same-sex marriage in the Philippines.

House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II said a law on gay marriage is not yet possible in the country, since Filipinos are “generally conservative.”

“I am of the opinion that at the moment, or even in the near future, it’s a no-no situation for same-sex marriage in the Philippines,” Gonzales said.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. agreed that Philippines is "not yet ready” to legislate same-sex marriage, adding that he himself will oppose such a law.

He added that he would rather preserve the definition of marriage under the Philippines’ Family Code (Republic Act 386 as amended by EO 209), which states that marriage can only be contracted between a male and a female.

He added that he would rather preserve the definition of marriage under the Philippines’ Family Code (Republic Act 386 as amended by EO 209), which states that marriage can only be contracted between a male and a female.

The House leaders made these statements after United States President Barack Obama publicly expressed his support for gay marriage, saying that all couples should be treated equally.

Obama, who is seeking reelection, said the decision to legalize same-sex marriage should be left to individual states.

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The Filipina Maid

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Curt drove the 36″ wide mower up the ramp on onto the trailer attached to the back of his pickup truck. He cut the engine and wiped the sweat from his face with a clean rag. He couldn’t remember when it was so damned hot. He tipped his hat back on his head and took the pruning sheers and weed wacker out of the back. He still had at least another hour of work before he was done here, and he was out of water. Fifteen minutes later, he’d had it. He went to the back door of the main house and rang the bell. He’d seen servants around the house before and only hoped that someone was home today.

The door opened; he felt the cool rush of air conditioning blast his face, chest, and legs. The breeze was soothing and he hoped that he would be invited in while someone got him a glass of water. It was the young Filipino woman with mocha skin who answered the door that made him hot again. She was slender, but filled out her fitted uniform in all the right places. She had deep brown almond-shaped eyes and wore the slighted bit of makeup. Her shoes were sensible and black; her skirt was much shorter than was practical. Her smile was bright and wide and inviting.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“I’m Curt, the lawn guy, and I was hoping that you might be able to get me a glass of water. It’s hot out here.” He could barely control his cock; his dirty mind raced. Curt imagined him getting her alone in the cabana, bending her over the back o...

Tago taguan

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Nasa tamang edad na si Sawn para mag-asawa. May trabaho siya at minsan sa ibang bansa pa. pero wala pa siyang napipiling babae para pakisamahan ng habang buhay. Hinahangaan niya ang mga babae na may kakaibang appeal lalo na yung magaganda at sexy. May mga humahanga rin naman sa kanya dahil may itsura siya at may dating sa mga babae

Palagi nang nakatulala si Sawn na tila may inaalala. Napapabuntong hininga siya sa bagot dahil nag-iisa lang siya sa bahay nito. Naisipan niyang lumabas. Naiinip na siyang mag-isa sa bahay niya.


“Hello? Sino to?”

“Sawn ako to’ si Nimpa! Kamusta na?”

“Ate Nimpa!! Buti napatawag ka! Medyo bagot na bagot na ko dito e”

“kawawa ka naman ….tamang tama! Magkita tayo sa Mall..ahhmm Wala kasi akong kasamang mamili at magbuhat tsaka… papawiin ko ang pagkabagot mo”

“aHahahaHa sige! Punta ako.. doon tayo magkita sa cinema 1 sa SM ”

“aantayin kita ah! Kapag di ka dumating” banta ni Nimpa

“pupunta ako!”

binaba na ni Sawn ang telepono. Natuwa siya dahil may nakaalala sa kanya. Agad agad na nag-ayos si Sawn at Pumunta siya sa Mall.

Sa paglalakad ni sawn papuntang cinema 1 ay may nakasalubong siyang isang maganda at pagkasexy sexy na babae. naka jeans at t-shirt na puti. Siguro nagdaan ito ng department store dahil halata sa plastic niyang dala. Napahinto si Sawn. Si...

Foreplay: The Best Way To Get Started

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Foreplay: The Best Way To Get StartedMaking love is more than just having sex. Foreplay is the start, middle and ending to great love making. It can be made fun, unpredictable, and very satisfying. It also can help you get to know your partner a little more.

Kissing is the first step in making love. However, not just kissing your partner on his or her mouth. Instead, you can kiss every part of body and really explore your partner’s body.

Aside from kissing, you can also “nibble” which sort of tickles a person and helps to heat things up.

You can also give your partner a sensual massage. You don’t have to be an expert just gently touch, press and/or squeeze your loved one’s body.

Also focus on your partner’s sensitive areas. This is where you can arouse your partner even more.

Whispering sexy things during foreplay can and will add another level of sexual pleasure that will leave your partner very aroused. Whispering gives a certain feeling of sensuality and sexiness.

You can also do a full body press to the body of your partner. Imagine that you and your partner are two loaves of bread just stuck together in passionate love.

Take a shower together and wash each others bodies along with kissing and caressing. This is very popular and sexually gratifying sensuous act. Remember to take things slowly, explore your partner, see what they like and always strive to give them the best pleasure imaginable. The great th...

Ang Buhay Call Center - Part 1

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Ang Buhay Call Center - Part 1"Thank you for calling customer care, my name is Justin. How may I help you today?"

That was my daily spiel in my work as a call center agent. Bago lang ako sa company na 'to (not to mention the company name). Mga 2 months pa lang. Mejo nakakapanibago kasi day shift ako sa dati kong work. Unlike ngayon, night shift (graveyard). Actually, this is my first time to share a story with you. Na-encourage lang ako ng mga writers dito.

My story is all about a typical Call Center Agent. You might have read already a story about a Call Center Agent but I assure you this is a different one. By the way, my name is Kenji, 21 years old, but I use Justin at work. Sounds like Japanese daw kasi that's why I have to change it.


I was looking for a job when I heard about this Call Center in Ortigas na currently hiring. Since nasa vicinity ako ng Ortigas, I tried na rin. I was walking along Emerald Ave. nang may nakasalubong akong guy. He's tall but not that cute. Well, looks doesn't matter naman for me. He smiled at me kahit na naka-kunot ang noo ko sa sobrang init. Upon walking, nilingon ko ulit siya. Aba, nakalingon din ang gago. Napangiti tuloy ako. Lakad pa rin ako until I reached Starbucks (I don't know the name of the building eh). I stopped there first para magpahinga. Ang init kasi. Paglingon ko, my goodness, bumalik pala si Mr. Tall. Tama ba namang sundan ako?

He asked, "Where are you working?"

Top 5 Places to Have Sex

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Top 5 Places to Have SexHaving sex is not restricted on bed alone. Of course, you’ll have sex with someone you really love—your partner. However, since it will always be the both of you, it will be the responsibility of the both to maintain the excitement in this part of your relationship for this can make it stronger.

Being one also lessens the possibility of being attracted to other opposite sex in the duration of the relationship or committing infidelity. One of the factors that can give excitement in your sex life with your wife is to have it in a variety of places.

Here are some places where you can actually have it.

  1. You can surprise your partner while she is having her bath. Or what you can do is to call your wife to ask for towel pretending you have left it and surprise her this way. Or you can invite her to take a bath with you. Or bathe each other. There are so many things that you can explore in here, whatever you thing that will be pleasing for the both of you.
  2. For sure, your wife is spending a weekend cooking in the kitchen. It will be very sweet for you to hug her or kiss her even she is soaked of sweat. This is a very sweet act of a man to her woman. You can even volunteer for help and tease her while helping her.
  3. In the living room while watching television or DVD. You can ask her questions out of nowhere and wait for the right time to be sweet to your woman. You can start by tickling her on the waist or knee.
  4. In anni

Si Kumare Ko

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Anim na taon na akong nagtratrabaho dito sa gitnang silangan bilang accountant. Dahil sa tindi ng gastos at papalaki na ang tatlo naming anak napagdesisyunan naming mag-asawa na dalawa na kaming magtrabaho sa abroad at iwan na lang sa mga biyenan ko ang pag-aaruga sa mga bata. Nurse kasi ang asawa ko. Naghanap talaga ako ng mapapasukan ni misis at pinalad naman na mataggap sa Ministry of Health kaya okay na din ang sweldo. Kumbaga, sulit ang pagtitiis.

June 2006 ng dumating ang asawa ko. Sinuwerte din na madestino siya sa trabaho na malapit sa akin. Agad kong inayos ang mga papeles na dapat ayusin para makapag live-out kami. After three months nakumpleto din lahat kaya agad agad kaming humanap ng bahay.

May kumare kami na malapit sa amin (siya ang bida sa kwento na 'to). Engineer si pare kaya sa bahay lang lagi si kumare at nag-aalaga ng anak nilang babae na 2 years old. Dahil uso dito ang share-share sa bahay para makatipid, inalok nila kami na dun na lang tumira sa kanila kasi solo lang nila yung isang flat. Bago pa natapos ang papeles namin madalas na kami kila kumare dahil ini-sponsor nila si misis para makalabas kaya sulit na talaga yung kuwarto na ibibigay sa amin dahil duon ko pinasabog lahat ng iniipon kong katas para ke misis.

First week of September ng lumipat kami ng bahay. Enjoy na enjoy ako sa buhay dahil talaga namang iba yung me kaagaw ka sa unan at kumot. Anim na taon yata akong nasanay na walang katabi at tuwing bakasyon...


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(BUS hinold-up)
HOLDUPPER: rereypin ko lahat ng babae dito!
POKPOK: ako na lang po! maawa po kayo sa kanila!
MADRE: Wehh!! Epal!! Lahat nga daw eh!!.. PAKIALAMERA!...

88 Strange But True Sex Facts

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Amazing Sex Facts

  1. A woman is more likely to want to commit adultery during ovulation than at any other time in her cycle.
  2. Telling a convincing lie to someone is much more difficult when you find them sexually attractive.
  3. Minute quantities of over 30 different substances have been identified in human semen. These include nitrogen, fructose, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, inositol, cholesterol, glutathione, creatine, pyruvic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, urea, uric acid and Vitamin B12, along with various salts and enzymes.
  4. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same feel-good chemical responsible for the ecstatic high people experience through sexual attraction and love.
  5. Women who have given birth have darker labia minora than women who haven’t.
  6. The majority of women experience a peak in libido just before their period.
  7. -321°F is the temperature at which sperm banks store donor semen. At this temperature, semen can be stored indefinitely.
  8. The point at which the average man reaches his sexual peak is between the ages of 17 and 18.
  9. The earth could be re-populated to its current level using the number of sperm that could fit into an aspirin capsule.
  10. A chicken egg could accommodate the number of female ova necessary to repopulate the earth to its present numbers.
  11. During sexual intercourse, in addition to the genitals and breasts, the inner nose also swells.
  12. White

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