Pre Grad: Not Every Friendzone Sucks

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Been a while since I last posted, and I decided to start off with finishing this one... I took the liberty of posting the three parts into one since it had such a big time gap that It may require a bit of reminding and build up. There are divisions anyway so feel free to skip to those if you've already read it. And well since it's a first for this story to be posted here, pinagsama sama ko nalang....

this one had audios on it, tho I can't seem to put them here...  [they're on my compilation blog tho]
I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it ;)


[a few weeks back then]
[a few weeks before december 28, 2013]

We weren’t always in this stage of “relationship”
I guess this is one case of actually liking the ever-so-overrated-excuse-for-whining-“friendzone”.
He used to court me, and probably the most persistent one, and by persistent, I mean years.
Just happened that he’s not my type, but, let’s not make this story about love life bullshit.

As a consolation however, Being matyaga, always has its rewards
This one ended differently.
This one ended better than it should have.
This one ended tasting just as good as having me as a girlfriend,
or me tasting him once in a while aside from my boyfriend.

After getting past the "ligaw" thing, we became friends.
and he knew EVERYTHING about me.
I'd sh...

Nej ( Sarap ng Tulog)

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Ako si Jennifer or mas kilala sa Nej, wala lang trip ko lang baligtarin ang spelling ng nickname kong Jen, sa daming pangalan na pwede ibigay sa akin ng magulang ko eh Jennifer pa, na very usual name, kaya ako na mismo nag iba ng nickname ko nang magkaisip na ako. Sa eskwelahan kasi  dami kong kapangalan, na kaya pag tinawag ang isa halos lahat ng Jen lumiligon.

Lumaking independent ako, pagkatapos kong mag highschool ay nag hanap na ako ng mapapasukang trabaho kahit pagiging tinder eh pinasukan ko. Hindi ako choosey sa trabaho basta kaya ko at marangal pinapasukan ko. Hindi ako umasa sa magulang ko na pag-aralin pa ako ng kolehiyo, dahil alam ko salat kami sa buhay. Hind naman din ako honor student para mabigyan ng napakandang scholarship sa mga eskwelahan. Kaya minabuti kong magsipag sa pagtratrabaho at mag ipon.

Nang makaipon ay nag-aral ako sa Maynila at naghanap din ng mapagtatrabahuhan. Tumira ako sa di kalayuan sa aking pinapasukang bookstore bilang sale’s lady ng isang mall na malapit din sa aking pinag-aaralan. Sadyang kay daming estudyante maging mga paupahan sa Maynila, kaya hindi ako nahirapan maghanap ng matutuluyan. Sa madali’t sabi nakahanap ako ng boarding house na sapat sa budget ako.

Hindi kagandahan ang boarding house na tinutuluyan ko halos siksikan kami sa maliit na kwarto kanya-kanyang kama may double deck may single, pero hiwalay naman ang babae as lalaki, buti hindi na huhuli ito ng city hall sa nilalabag na pamant...

My Confessions: In Appreciation

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I was so glad that I got a high grade on my paper work. Thanks to Philip though, it was his masterpiece. Damn, that kid is really something. He just finished it in hours and still got a high remarks. I was very impressed. I was very thankful. And for that, he deserves a 'prize'.

Back then, I was living with my Auntie at her place in Mandaluyong, together with my older sister. My auntie Luth doesn't have a family that's why she's a little rugged and strict. She always got that “Ms. Minchin” look on her face, but she's sweet, at times.

My sister and I were roommates. That time, I knew that she was going out, perfect timing for me to make the deed with Philip. So I texted him to come over to have dinner. I prepared and wore something seductive. A white spaghetti tank top, thin brown satin shorts, purple lace push up bra and purple lace panties as well. I also used a strawberry-flavored body butter, to make his inner senses go insane. It'll be a heaven-of-a-night for this young man indeed.

We were about to eat when he arrived. I fetched him at the gate and accompanied him inside...

“Hello po, good evening!”, he greeted my auntie and my sister.

“Auntie, classmate ko po, si Philip.”, I quickly followed through.

“Oh, good evening iho. Upo ka. Sakto dating mo ah.”, auntie Luth said.

“Kain na tayo, sabay ka na samen.”, my sister greeted.


Mind Games II

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It begins with a touch like it always does.
Followed by a string of words.
Urged on by hunger.
“I want to fuck you, D.”  You say.
And you pull me to sit on your lap and you plant a kiss on my collarbone.
The hardness of your being I feel against my wet core.

Him:  Payback time, D.

Her:  Payback?

Him:  Yep.

Her:  What do you mean?

Him:  I told you I will make you cum.

Her:  Do you think you can?

Him:  I’ll do my best.

Him:  Come here, babe.  I want to feel your heat.  Your warmth.

Her:  So I sit beside you then?

Him:  Nah.  On my lap.

Her:  I’d be too heavy to sit on your lap.

Him:  I can handle you.  Shush.  I want to nibble on your jaw and trace kisses to your ear.  What are you wearing?

Her:  Tank top.  Shorts.  What are you wearing?

Him:  Boxers.  Take off your tank top.

Her:  Just boxers?

Him:  Yeah.

Her:  Nothing underneath?

Him:  Who wears briefs under boxers?  That’s plain stupid.  Hahaha.

Her:  Hahaha.  Bastard.  Shut up and kiss me.

Him:  Hard and rough?

Her:  Yes.  Hard and rough.  What will you do to me then?

Meeting Ron

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April na nun (two months after Percy and I had sex) at supposed to be babalik na si Percy from province to Manila. Excited na ako sa kakaisip na magsesex ulit kami. Kaya lang lately napapansin ko na madalang na kung magtext si Percy. On what would have been our second month, I called him. Then he told me the reason why he was unable to communicate for the past days.
Percy: Antoinette, hindi na tayo pwedeng magkita ulit. Magpapakasal na ako sa iba.
Me: Hala!?? Pano nangyari yon? Parang ang bilis naman yata.

Percy: Nakabuntis ako.
Me: I see. Sorry na istorbo kita. Bye Percy.

I’ve erased each failed relationships. I have accepted that there are things I can never win. I only learned a year after that the marriage and pregnancy were not real. Sinabi lang ni Percy para makafocus sya sa advance studies nya. No matter how good his intentions were for lying, I can’t take him back.

Nagpakabusy na lang ako sa career. Halos 12pm na ako umuuwi from office. After three continuous weeks of working (including weekends and coming home so late), I asked for a day-off one Tuesday. Wala na kasi akong isusuot sa office kaya kailangan ko na talagang maglaba.

Grabe ang daming damit! Pagod, puyat. Ang hirap kumita ng pera.  Basa na rin yong shorts ko sa pagbabanlaw. Inisip ko hubarin na lang kaya shorts ko total mag-isa lang ako sa apartment.

Wala yong mga roommates ko. Solong solo ko ang buong apartment. Aktong huhubarin k...

Random shits: Unrequited

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Even if it's just for one night, I want to own you. Not in a sexual way, but if you will insist... just kidding.

I want you to see me...only me. Talk to me like I’m one of the people you trust the most. Let me be your comfort zone, or a shoulder to cry on. Make me see all of your flaws, your dark side — I won’t judge. The heck, why would I? It’s you. Tell me what you think about what’s happening around us. Let’s talk about your weird ideas. Who pisses the hell out of you? What makes you cry? What do you do when you’re so damn mad? Tell me stories you’ve never shared to anyone but yourself. Show me the real you — cry if you want, or curse, or shout or whatever.

Let me cook dinner for us or let’s just drink together. Let me make you laugh and smile. Let me treat you the best way I could. Let me show you how much I really care for you. Accept all of it without any awkwardness. Don’t worry, I won’t expect you to like me back during or after that one night. I just want you to let me in.. in your world — that world that no one could easily get into. Just give me a one-night pass. Okay? Please. 

Even if it’s just for one night, I want to be someone special in your life. And..and..I just want to prove to both of us that even after seeing all your shits, I can still love you.

I hope that’s not too much to ask. I know it is but I hope you won’t mind....

Silip V

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Wala silang kamalay malay na kanina pa pala naka uwi si cherry, nag follow up pala ito sa inaantay na package.Nakita nito si marlon papalabas sa kabilang bahay habang si evelyn naman ay nakatayo sa pintuan na nakabalot lang ng maliit na tuwalya ang katawan.

Kinabukasan ay papunta si cherry sa tinutuluyan ni marlon, kakausapin niya ito tungkol sa kanyang nakita. Ilang linggo pa lang sila magkasintahan pero nagawa na nitong pumatol sa ibang babae. Ipinagtanong ni cherry sa hepe ni marlon kung saan ito nangungupahan, ginamit niyang dahilan na inutusan daw siya ni lola isay para maningil ng pautang. Hindi kasi alam nito na mag boyfriend sila ni marlon dahil na rin sa pakiusap ng lalaki. Madali niyang nahanap ang inuupahan ni marlon, nadatnan niya doon ang isang babae na may dalang bata na mag iisang taon, inisip niya na kamag anak ito ni marlon.

"Magandang araw.. Dito ba nakatira si marlon?" Tanong ni cherry

"Oo, bumili lang siya ng gatas, hintayin mo na siya, pasok ka muna" sabi ng babae

"Anak mo?" Tanong ni cherry habang umuupo

"Oo, kakarating lang namin kahapon, sinundo kami ni marlon sa probinsiya, sabik na daw siya na makasama ang anak namin" sagot ng babae

Nabigla si cherry sa narinig, ang buong akala niya ay binata si marlon. Agad siyang tumayo at nag paalam.

"Hindi mo na siya hihintayin?"tanong ng babae

"Hindi na, may pupuntahan pa kasi ako" sagot ni cherry sabay l...

Nilason ng Kamunduhan Chapter 4

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Nilason ng Kamunduhan Chapter 4"Ohhh...Frank...Fuck me hard...Ohhhhh...that's it sweety" ungol ni Dorothy habang naka-missionary style sila ng asawang kano.

"Dorothy, you li'l fucking cum bucket, you like that? like my old dick fucking your tight cum soaked cunt? nanunuksong tanong ng matandang lalaki.

"Yesss...Mmmmm...yess...i like that...fuck dirty to me you old bastard...i cumminggg...FUCK ME...FUCK ME!" humihiyaw na sa matinding sarap si Mrs. Dorothy sa ginagawang paglabas masok ng anim na pulgadang ari ng asawa niyang kano.

Hindi na nila alintana kung marinig man sila ng ibang umookupa ng mga kwarto sa nasabing motel.

Sabay sa mga tunog ng humaharurot na jeep sa labas ng bintana ang malakas na pagyugyog na lumang kama, na siyang saksi sa ritwal ng pagnanasa na nangyayari sa apat na sulok ng kwartong iyon.

Kapwa pawisan ang mag-asawa. Naka-angkla ang mga binti ni Dorothy sa likod ng mister habang mariin itong bumabayo sa pagkababae ng asawang pinay.

"Fuck, i'm comingggg sweety...i'm cummingggg..." hiyaw ni Frank sa asawa.

"Give it to me sweety...give it...Ohhhhhh...shittt....Ohhhhhh..." masarap na ungol ni Dorothy habang ramdam niya ang pagragasa ng mainit na semilya ng asawa sa loob ng kaniyang pagkababae.


Lingering Bitterness

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I’ve been contemplating as to where I should post this. It’s a true story but then it’s not a sex story. Since I’m a newbie here at FSS, I feel like I owe you guys, not just a story (the fictional work I’ve posted, “The Fiance”) but a confession.

WARNING: If you’re looking for sex scenes, please don’t scroll down and kindly close this tab because you won’t find what you’re looking for in here. You might even consider my confession too lengthy and boring. In my defense, I reviewed the guideline in posting a confession which is written under the confession content box and it states that a confession should be, “A short story about your love problems, sex, marriage, and relationships. The story, which is supposed to be true, is told in a way that is intended to make it as strange, exciting, shocking, or sexy as possible.” Well, I guess my confession should fit in right through love problems. So here it goes…

I’m an only child. Sickly. Severely asthmatic. Has Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD). Don’t worry, I’m not dying. It’s all under control.

Since I was a kid, I have always been pampered by everyone especially my nanny. My parents were always busy but every time they’re around, they tend to be very over protective of me. My childhood was an epic fail. I played by myself inside the house since I was not allowed to play outside with the other kids in the neighbourhood. By the...

Init ng Ligaya

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Halika na at pumasok na sa kwarto.
Dito tayo hanggang sa gusto mo.
Para naman masolo na rin kita.
At pagsaluhan natin... init na nadarama.

Dal'wang puso sa init ng ligaya.
Mga titig natin puno ng pagnanasa.
Tibok ng dibdib, o ka'y bilis sinta.
Di kayang pigilan ating nadarama.

Leeg mo ay aking sinamyo.
Labi mo at labi ko'y nagtagpo.
Sa unang beses, nahagkan din kita.
Kay tamis at kay sarap aking sinta

Dahan-dahan tayo'y humiga.
Sa saliw ng himig ng ating pagnanasa.
Hanggang sa tuluyang nahubaran na kita
At muling nagsanib sa ligaya.

Katawan mo ay aking niromansa.
Labi at dila, ko ay pinagpala.
sa'yong dibdib ako'y tila bata.
Habang ang ungol mo'y musika sa tenga.

Dahan-dahan labi ko'y naglakbay
Ang 'yong daliri tumulak kasabay
Sa aking paglusong, hininga'y nagbabaga
damhin mo ang init ng aking pagsinta

Hita mo ay kusang bumuka.
Habang Buhok ko'y iyong pinipiga.
Mainit kong dila puno ng pagnanasa,
na gumalugad sa natatangi mong ganda.

Bigla kang umungol sabay ng 'yong pagsibol.
Hininga mo ay n...

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