Mas Okey ang Boy namin kaysa sa Husband Ko

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Tawagin n’yo na lang po ako sa pangalang Josephine, 26, at nakatira rito sa may Tondo, Manila.

Ang mister ko ay manager kaya malimit lang siya sa bahay dahil may pasok siya ‘pag araw. Sa gabi lang kami laging nagkikita. Minsan, kung may overtime siya, dalawang araw siya makakauwi ng bahay.

Sa loob ng tatlong taon na pagsasama namin ng mister ko mula nang magpakasal kami, maayos at masaya naman ang aming pamilya.

Hindi ko na rin siya pinagdududahan kong minsan ay dalawang araw bago siya makakauwi ng bahay sapagka’t kabisado ko na ang trabaho niya. Posibleng may overtime siya kaya ‘di makakauwi.

Mula nang manganak ako, dumadami na ang gawaing bahay. Halos ‘di ko na maasikaso ang bahay namin lalo na’t may kalakihan ito.

Kaya, nang mag-usap kami ng mister ko, nakikiusap ako sa kanya na kumuha ng boy para may makakatulong sa akin.

Sabi niya sa akin kung ba’t boy raw ang balak kong kunin gayung may babae naman.

Ang paliwanag ko sa kanya, mas maganda ‘yung lalaki kasi para makakatulong sa akin sa gawaing bahay lalo na’t ‘pag namamalengke ako. Mabibigat kasi ang dala ko.

Pumayag naman ang mister ko, at ilang linggo lang ay dumating na ‘yung bagong boy namin— si Jasper.

Si Jasper ay 23 at binata pa lang.

Hindi kami nagsisisi ng mister ko nang magkaroon na kami ng boy na si Jasper. Likas kasing mabait, masipag, magaling, at matalino p...

My Hot Wife - Part 2

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The next morning I heard the shower running. I got up and joined my wife in the warm water. Lynn looked at me with a question in her eyes. I said baby, you were so hot last night. Lynn said felt both guilty and slutty at the same time. I kissed her and pressed my body up against hers. I told her she could fuck Rob again if I was there and could join them. Lynn responded by grinding her pussy into my dick.
We immediately went got in bed and I fucked the hell out of her. Lynn sent Rob a text and asked him when he could come over. Rob agreed to come over tomorrow, since it was the only day that Lynn and him had off together.

When I got home from work, I found Lynn wearing that skimpy white bikini that she fucked Rob in the first time. How naughty I thought. Her hair was maid up and she smelled great. I kissed her and told her not too hold back. Be as slutty as you want sweetie. Lynn said, Mike, I love you. The strange dick the other night felt wonderful, but please remember, it's just sex. I said, I know baby.

Rob arrived a short time later. He was a good looking man. He was built like me. I greeted him with a handshake. Rob thanked me for sharing my wife with him and informed me that him and his wife have a open marriage. And that she is available to play alone if I'd be interested at a later date.

I thanked him and then led him into the Living room where Lynn was waiting. Lynn stood up and kissed Rob like she was possessed. Her hands g...

Male Masturbation: The Benefits

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Male Masturbation: The BenefitsA short lists of the benefits and advantages of masturbation for males.

1. It cuts the risk of prostate cancer.

Regular ejaculation, in which masturbation is one easy practice, can help reduce acquiring prostate cancer. In an Australian research in 2008, it was reported that men who had frequent ejaculations between 20 and 50 years of age received sufficient protection against the disease. Those who masturbated more than five times a week were one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer. This is because carcinogens are flushed out from the prostate gland during ejaculation. The gland produces a fluid during ejaculation that energizes the sperms and prevents them from sticking to one another. Consequently, masturbation can improve the quality of semen. As an expert puts it, “The more you flush the ducts out, the less there is to hang around and damage the cells that line them.”

2. Masturbation can function as a cardiovascular workout.

People suffering from cardiovascular disorders, say those recovering from myocardial infarction or heart attacks, should resume physical activity gradually. Masturbation can be a good option since it helps proper blood flow and breathing. Still, they must work within the limitations that their physical status allows.

3. It releases tension and stress.

Whether from masturbation or intercourse, sexual climax leav...


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I want to share my story with my liberated 17 yrs old liberated step sister

Ako si Leon (di tunay na pangalan) 18 yrs. old from muntinlupa city..., malibog ang tatay koh kaya marami kong kapatid sa labas..., at mukhang sa kanya ko nagmana!!!~

mahilig akoh sa computer games halos dun na nga ako tumira sa computer shop..., at isang araw nang umuwi ako galing sa computer shop na nilalaroan ko di kalayuan mula samin..., tinawag ako ng tita ko bago pa man ako makapasok sa amin..., at tinanong nya ko kung kilala ko daw yung babaeng katabi nya... "hindi ho eh..." sabi ko.. yan ang Step mom mo yan ang nag-alaga sayo nung naghiwalay mga magulang mo..." sabi nya....

"ok...," yun lang ang nasabi koh at may pinakilala pa sya sakin Si Claire "sya ang step sister mo" sabi ng step mom ko...., maganda sya..., di gaanong kaputian.., morena baga!!!!!!!!!!~ 17 yrs. old sya mahaba ang buhok,matangos ang ilong at pinaka napansin ko talaga sa kanya ay malaki ang BOOBS!!!~ di sya dito lumaki sa pilipinas lumaki sya sa ibang bansa kasama ng mama nya..., kaya di sya gaanong marunong magsalita ng tagalog pero marunong sya umintindi nito...,

pag uwi ko samin ipinaalam agad ako ng step mom koh sa tatay ko na doon muna ako mag stay sa kanila habang nandito sila sa pilipinas...., agad naman itong pumayag!!!~ syempre kasi dun din sya mag sstay at makakahindot nanaman sya ng iba!!!~ nag stay kami sa isang hotel di kalayuan samin...., wala akong masyadong m...

Best Babes of the Week: April 19

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FHM Philippines

Here are the women that make our days so much better: an A-list celebrity who just personified all three, a very pretty chinita actress reveals on Twitter that she's single again, two babes of top caliber are reportedly not seeing eye to eye at the moment, and a glowing morena beauty gamefully spends Friday night with the FHM nation!

5. Heart Evangelista is single again!

Reports have been confirmed that the Kapuso actress and her Brazilian beau Daniel Matsunaga are no more. Says friend Tim Yap on the break-up: "Ang sinasabi ko kay Heart, kung single ka ngayon, make the most out of it." We don't want to sound like sleazebags, but KC Concepcion made the most out of hers. Maybe Heart can follow her footsteps, no? All the same, we wish your heart a speedy recovery.

4. Michelle knocks her autograph signing event out of the park!

April cover babe Michelle Madrigal's autograph signing event at the Robinsons Galleria Movieworld last Friday, April 13, proved to be the wild card in the ongoing debate on which FHM babe owns the signing attendance record. While Sam Pinto and Ellen Adarna were instant crowd-eaters, we have to commend Michelle for earning just as many fans through the years. The number gets bigger by the cover! Kudos for last week's successful turnout!

3. Katrina Halili and Marian Rivera: feuding?


Tooth Brush

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Boy: what is that u keep in ur mouth
which is 6″ long
and move it in and out
and wait for a white substance to come out?

Girl: y do u ask such question to me.
i cant tell such words

Boy: dont worry its tooth brush :)...

Female Masturbation: The Benefits

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Female Masturbation: The BenefitsSo far we have dealt with the 'who' and the 'how' but now we turn to the 'why'. Why do girls masturbate? The simple answer, which is good enough for many, is that it is pleasurable, but that excludes many of the recognised and claimed benefits. Below is a short list of the more significant of these:

1. Its pleasurable - it had to be number one!

2. It helps you relax - safer than tranquillisers, cheaper than alcohol and no side effects.

3. It helps you get to sleep if you are suffering from insomnia

4. It can make you feel 'energised' and focused, making study or concentration related tasks easier

5. It gives a degree of relief from the physical discomforts many feel during periods

6. It allows you to find out what you like so that you can share your needs with a partner and have better sex

7. It is always available when sexual tensions need releasing - not always true of partner sex

8. It allows you to have as much gratification as you want, when you want it and at your speed - partner sex cannot compete

9. It takes the pressure off your partner as he/she is not the only source of your orgasms

10. It is the one form of sex with no risk of disease, pregnancy or emotional upset

11. It fits in with your life - unlike partner sex

12. It often results in more powerful and longer orgasms than other forms of sex.

Aling Andrea

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Si Aling Andrea ay suki namin sa aming tindahan. Ang asawa niyang si Mang Mandy ay nagta-trabaho sa Saudi Arabia at taunan lang kung umuwi. Nakatira sila sa isang apartment na malapit lang sa aming bahay. 3 taon na silang umuupa doon. Meron din silang anak na 5 years old, si Cheche. Sa tingin ko ay wala pang 30 years old si Aling Andrea. Sila lang mag-ina ang nakatira sa inuupahan nilang apartment. Palabiro si Aling Andrea at pati ako ay madalas niyang biruin pag ako ang nakatao sa tindahan.

'Joel, pabili nga ng Safeguard', minsan siyang bumili sa amin. 'Sandali lang ho', sabi ko naman. 'Biglang-laki ka ano? Noong kalilipat pa lang namin ay hindi ka ganyan kalaki. Ilang taon ka na ba?, sunod-sunod niyang tanong. '13 na ho ako sa June', sagot ko naman. 'Tuli ka na ba?', parang nakakalokong tanong niya. 'Grade 5 pa lang ho ako, tuli na ako', buong pagmamayabang ko naming sagot. Ah…at kinuha ang Safeguard sa aking kamay. Sinadya ko namang himasin ang kanyang palad. 'Ikaw ha, pilyo ka na', sabay talikod para umuwi.

Ang totoo ay gandang-ganda ako kay Aling Andrea palibhasa ay maputi siya. Marami ang nagsasabing pag maputi ang isang tao ay kalahati na ng ganda iyon. Pero si Aling Andrea ay maganda talaga. Matangos ang ilong, medyo chinita, mapuputi ang pantay-pantay na ngipin at mapupulang mga labi. At sa katawan naman ay mapapahanga ka. Kahit me isang anak na siya ay kay ganda ng hubog. Mukhang malulu...


Sexual positions for baby-making

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Sexual positions for baby-makingAre some sexual positions better than others for conception?

Sadly, no scientific studies have been carried out in this area. However, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of couples having sex in different positions have shed some light on what's going on inside when you're doing the deed.

Common sense suggests that the "missionary position" (man on top) is one of the best ways to make babies because it allows the deepest penetration and so places sperm right next to the opening of your womb. The other position that may improve your chances (in case you get bored!) is entry from behind, either lying down or with the woman on all fours; this should also deposit sperm right next to your cervix.

The MRI studies have indeed shown that the tip of the penis reaches the recesses between the cervix and walls of the vagina in both of these positions. The missionary position ensures the penis reaches the recess at the front of the cervix (anterior) and the rear entry position reaches the recess at back of the cervix (posterior). So this limited evidence supports what common sense tells us; it's just amazing what some scientists spend their time doing, isn't it!

What are the worst sexual positions for conception?

Some experts recommend you avoid having sex while sitting, standing or with the woman on top. These positions defy gravity and may make it harder for the sperm to swim up towards...

Infant Size

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Tilapvoy: B4 we get married i want u 2 know that my dick is like an infant.

GF: ok lang, i still luv u kahit maliit yan.

(during honeymoon)

GF: Nay ko po! kala ko ba parang infant?

Tilapvoy: parang infant nga, 8lbs, 12 inches……....

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